Cookie Policy

Our policy is based on the guidlines and definitions of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office,

Cookies- what are they?

When you visit a website using a device such as personal computer, smartphone or tablet, cookies are files of data that are stored on that device. Different cookies have different uses: many are to provide convenience or a more seamless experience when using a website. Others are stored on behalf of third parties such as marketing or data analytics services that the website has agreements with. The cookie is constructed based on how you might have used the website, what you did on it and information you may have entered on forms or logins to that site. The data in the cookie is a way of “remembering” your interactions so that when you move to different parts of the site or visit it at a later date it will function or display content based on the data “ingredients” that make up the relevant cookie.

How do we use them?

The cookies we use are solely to provide the functionality our website was designed for: searching for and booking accommodation. Browsing and purchasing physical goods at an online shop would be a comparable process. Information such as arrival and departure date, number of guests and accommodation neighbourhood are stored for the session in order for the search and booking facility to work. No personal information is stored in these cookies. No third party cookies are utilised. Based on the ICO’s suggestions we use a banner type notification to make you aware of the use of these essential cookies.